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DR. UNIV. MED. PETER PEER - general practitioner · additional subject geriatrics

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Welcome to my homepage. I have been a doctor for general medicine with the additional subject geriatrics in Tux since 1991.

As a general practitioner, my main task is to keep our patients from baby to old age pensioner as healthy and satisfied as possible and to guide them through the jungle of our health system. I am certainly open to all kinds of beneficial alternative medicine, but I see my professional foundation in a science-based medicine based on the current state of the art. Important to say that the human-empathic moment is not neglected in my practice!

The knowledge in medicine doubles every 4 years, and I need all my time to keep up with the latest developments. Therefor I have no time and resources for excursions into the world of esotericism (please do not mix this up with a profound spirituality, which I often find very helpful).

One of my most important knowledge after almost 35 years of professional experience is that especially when it gets tough, human relationships are the ones that help to get through bad phases. As a team, we offer these help possiblities, get involved. "Doctorshopping" usually only increases the uncertainty and leaves patient and doctor with frustration at the end. Relationship is not a "consumer good".

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