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Home Remedies

DR. UNIV. MED. PETER PEER - general practitioner · additional subject geriatrics

Drink (diarrhoea or vomitting)


  • 1 litre tap water
  • 3/4 teaspoonful of table salt
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 cup of orange juice (or alternatively eat 2 bananas if orange juice is not tolerated)

Vaporised Compress (by stomachache)

Wet a cloth with warm water, ring it out so that it doesn't drip. Wrap the cloth around a hot water bottle (make sure it's not too full or too hot!), and then wrap it again with a dry towel. Place this on the stomach for about 20 - 30 min or as long as it is comfortable.

Get well soon!

Relaxation training

PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION ACCORDING TO JACOBSON (short version: duration approx. 15 min)

  • Clench both hands to fists, tighten
  • Spread your fingers on both hands, tense them
  • "Grimace" all over your face (hold your breath for 5 seconds)
  • Pull shoulders slowly upwards (past both ears) and pull head in
  • Tense your back (pull your shoulder blades backwards towards your spine)
  • Tense buttock and abdominal muscles (hold your breath for 5 seconds)
  • Push toes and feet forward (as if standing on tiptoe), tighten
  • Pull toes and feet upwards (towards the tip of the nose), tighten

The exercises are performed as follows:

In lying or sitting position, slowly tense up. Hold the tension for about 5 seconds and then begin to exhale as in slow motion. All other muscles remain relaxed. Relaxation is followed by several breaths (speak the sentence with your inner voice: "The calm comes all by itself").


You should feel comfortable with the exercises. Do not exaggerate, do not go to the pain threshold. Calm and even breathing prevents cramps. Pay attention to your own breathing rhythm. Pay attention to the sensations in the muscles.
It is best to practice daily! Less is more (it is better to do a few exercises several times a day than to overstrain yourself with too many exercises)!
Relaxation exercises help to reduce physical and inner tension, counteract stress, have a positive effect on pain, deal with everyday problems in a more relaxed manner and make it easier to fall asleep and sleep through the night.

Do the exercises in a pleasant, calm atmosphere - eyes closed. Use a comfortable chair or couch or place a mat underneath if the exercises are done on the ground. Knee roll is beneficial for people with back problems. Patience with yourself - it doesn't always work out right away.
(Book tip: Du spürst das Gras unter deinen Füßen, Phantasie- und Märchenreisen. Auch auf CD. Frankfurt: Fischer Verlag; ISBN 3-596-23325-9)

Diet chart for elevated uric acid levels

Food group
Milk, dairy products, eggs
Bread, pastries
Meat, fish, sausage
Fats, oils, marinades etc.
Side dishes
Vegetables, fruits
fruit juices, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, light alcohol
milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs
homemade and mixed grain wheat bread, pound cakes, shortbread
nearly all soups
lean meat and fish dishes in a cooked form, lean sausage
vegetable fats (oils, margarine) butter. If you are overweight, appropriate restrictions on fat intake.
rice, pasta, potatoes, semolina. If you are overweight, appropriate restrictions on carbohydrate intake.
nearly all fruits and vegetables
moderate amounts of salt and all mild spices
large amounts of alcohol
white bread, rolls, yeast cakes, cream pies
meat, poultry, fish, and bouillon soups
high fat or fried meat or fish dishes, poultry of all kinds, all sweetbreads, tongue, liverwurst, pickled fish
bacon, lard, mayonnaise, remoulade, marinades, meat extracts
legumes, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms
Hot spices (pepper, mustard)